Exotic fruits

Fruit Wave selects the range of exotics based on taste, availability, quality, variety and price.

With us, mango, avocado and lime are available almost continuously.


Mango has many varieties resulting in different flavors and shapes. Keith and Kent mango are the most famous. They are grown in Brazil, Peru, Dominican Republic, Ivory Coast and Spain.


There are several types of avocado on the market; of these, the Hass variety in Europe is by far the most important. We also import other well-known varieties such as: Fuerte, Bacon and Reed. Our avocados are grown in: Peru, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, South Africa, Morocco, Kenya, Tanzania and Spain.


The 2 most famous lime varieties are:

* Tahiti
* Persian

The Tahiti mainly comes from Brazil. The green skin that goes towards yellow has a wax layer. The Tahiti contains slightly more juice than the Persian and the taste is also slightly more intense.

The Persian comes from Mexico. The dark green skin is thicker than that of the Tahiti and contains slightly less juice than the Tahiti variety.

The growing areas are Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Chile, Peru, Kenya.

Foto Exoten assortiment


Origin: BR, MX

Foto Limes


Origin: ES, BR, CI, PE

Foto Mango

Hass Avocado's

Origin: ES, PE, KE, CL

Foto Hass Avocado

Green Skin Avocado's

Origin: ES, CL, PE, KE

Foto Groene Avocado