Year-round program
At the end of the European grape season, we start importing table grapes from Brazil and Peru from mid-October. Both red and white seedless varieties and from Peru also many Red Globe grapes. From November, the supply shifts to Namibia and South Africa. Then comes the supply from India, which conquers an increasing market share in Europe. We then end the overseas season with Chilean grapes and from May / June the supply comes from Egypt.
From grower to final customer
The reliability and quality of our partnerships with various growers makes it possible to label or package directly at the source, exactly according to the desired quality requirements of the final customer such as brix and minimum diameter caliber. This can be done, for example, in clamshells of
500 grams, carry bags or paperbags.
Our growing areas are Greece, Italy, Spain, Peru, Namibia, South Africa, Chile, India and Egypt.
Druiven algemeen 570 Kb

White grapes

Origin: GR, IT, ES, PE, NA, ZA, CL, IN, EG

Red grapes

Origin: GR, IT, ES, PE, NA, ZA, CL, IN, EG

Druiven rood 570 Kb

Black grapes

Origin: GR, IT, PE, NA, ZA, CL, IN

Druiven zwart 570 Kb