Leaf and stem vegetables

Fruit Wave also imports leaf and stem vegetables.
Celery, asparagus, rhubarb are examples of stem vegetables. Other examples of tuber and root vegetables include celeriac, carrot, radish, beetroot and fennel. Leafy vegetables include lettuce varieties, spinach, chicory, endive and turnip greens.
Our growing areas are Spain, Italy, Mexico, Peru, the Netherlands and Poland.
Blad en stengel groenten algemeen 570 Kb

Leafy vegetables

Origin: ES, DE, IT, PL

Bladgroenten 570 Kb

Green asparagus

Origin: MX, PE, PL, ES, IT

Groene asperges 570 Kb

White asparagus

Origin: DE, PE, ES, IT, PL

Witte asperges 570 Kb