Pip fruits

The production areas of our apples and pears are spread all over the world. This allows us to offer different varieties. Taste, color and hardness are the most important criteria for us besides the price.

Thanks to the good contacts with our growers, we can offer our apples and pears in the different sizes and packaging.

Our apples come from New Zealand, Chile, South Africa and Poland. We carry the following varieties: Granny Smith, Royal Gala, Pink Lady, Jonagold, Jonagored, Braeburn, Elstar, Golden Delicious, Idared and Red Chief.

For our pears, the most important growing areas are South Africa, Chile, the Netherlands and Belgium. Here we carry the varieties Williams BC, Cheeky, Abate, Packham, Conference and Lucas.

The growing areas are New Zealand, Chile, South Africa, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium.

Foto Hardfruit assortiment


Origin: BNZ, CL, ZA, PL

Foto Appelen


Origin: NL, BE, CL, ZA

Foto Peren